Please Consider GRRACE on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was established with the simple purpose of encouraging people to do good.  Every year GRRACE does so much good for so many Goldens in need.  To-date 2023 we have rescued over 134 Goldens, including 10 Goldens rescued just a few days ago.  Slightly more than 50% of our 2023 Goldens came to us from commercial breeders, including retired breeder mommas and unsold puppies.  And more are waiting in the wings between now and year end.

With over a month remaining in 2023 our medical and behavioral expenses have exceeded $178,057, which is 92% of our overall expense this year.  Year-to-date 2023 our application and adoption fees have generated $71,630 to offset our major expenses.

When GRRACE began its journey in 1997, we vowed that we would never refuse a Golden based on the costs of needed care.  Our donors have been the difference between “We’ll figure out a way” to “We can do this” for many deserving Goldens who would otherwise be lost due to a lack of funds. Because of generous donations, GRRACE has never turned down a Golden solely due to the extensive costs for medical and/or behavioral care.  On Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting GRRACE’s mission by participating in the sponsorships found in the link below.  GRRACE and our foster dogs appreciate your support.


On social media, use #GRRACEgoldens with any pictures you post of your GRRACE dog. We will feature our GRRACE family here!

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