Photo of Lacey Jane Marie

Lacey Jane Marie

Forever in Our Hearts

Adopted August 1999 by Sue Modlin, passed August 2012


My devoted, unfazed traveling companion followed me from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne; Reno, NV; Anchorage, AK; and Denver, CO.

She was the boss. First, she ruled over two sweet Golden Boys, then one Golden and one Bernese Mtn Dog; later, she was in charge of two older fosters (Mitch and Roscoe, also from GRRACE), one Bernese and one Leonberger puppy. Mitch was adopted by my sister, and after Roscoe died at 13, there were three. Lacey Jane Marie, a Golden mix, Annie the Bernese, and Sophie the Leonberger. When I moved to Reno, I took Annie with me first to get settled and later drove Lacey Jane and Sophie to their new home. We stopped near a park to walk and stretch. Suddenly two boys in wet suits, carrying fins and snorkels, appeared on the riverbank. Sophie, a stunning lioness with a black mask, froze in her tracks. Lacey Jane Marie, on high alert, stood on tiptoes, the hair on her back standing on end, tail unmoving curled over her back, a low rumbling growl warning them. The clueless adolescents approached and stared at Sophie, who was now cowering behind me, and stupidly said, "That's a big dog!” and I responded, lightly restraining Lacey Jane, “that's not the one you have to worry about.”


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