Photo of Remy


Forever in Our Hearts

Adopted August 2008 by Tasha and David Mann, passed March 2023

Saying goodbye to our sugar faced girl was so hard and left us heartbroken. Not quite sure

how to navigate daily life without this beloved girl. Remy lived to just shy of her 16th

birthday (3 months). She lived a great, long life, but no amount of time would have been

long enough.

Remy came into our lives at one year old and blessed us with being the most fun loving,

spunky, water-loving, social pup. We are so grateful GRRACE chose and trusted us to be

her humans. There was never a dull moment with Remy around. She was certainly all

personality and one of a kind.

Remy was a registered therapy dog and delighted in visiting with seniors at an adult day

center and her grandma’s assisted living center. Remy loved her collection of hedge hogs

and spikey rubber balls that lit up. She loved to carry her babies around the house and play

ball in the hall, especially at night with her light up balls. Remy was a multi-year calendar

girl for her rescue, proving that old gold still had beauty and spunk!

Remy was most at home and happiest being a boat dog. She loved the water and loved the

people she met on the water. She enjoyed swimming, floating, fishing, cruising, and hanging

on the dock. Remy spent 14 of her 15 summers with her family on a boat mostly on

the Ohio River.

At 14, she embarked on America’s Great Loop adventure cruising over 3500 miles with

her family, traversing 11 major waterways, and visiting 6 states over the course of a year.

Our trip was stalled last spring in Florida to bring her home and let her live out her last year

safe, secure, and on land, though we think she would have rather stayed on the water.

While she didn’t get to complete the entire great loop, her spirit will be with us as continue

our journey.

From a wild-child one-year old to a sugar faced senior, she brought so much JOY to her

family and friends. We were the lucky ones to share our lives with our beloved girl. We

loved her so much and miss her terribly. It’s easy to realize, life will never be the same.

Sweet Remy was truly Mann’s Best Friend!



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